BBC World Service are auctioning studio assets that are not required in  its move to new Broadcasting House.

The auction includes items such as

•Audio consoles: Calrec, DHD, Audix Broadcast
•Speakers: Rogers, Harbeth, Fostex, Regielautsprecher
•Microphones: Coles BBC, Electrovoice, AKG, Neumann
•Headphones, equipment stands, microphone stands, tape decks, turntables, stereo power amplifiers, general audio processing equipment

The auction is open to the public and is being managed by GoIndustry DoveBid in partnership with the BBC and can be viewed at:

If  you  are interested in buying any of the equipment you will need to register with Go-Dove to bid on any of the items.   The auction will run until 1pm on Tuesday 22 November.