Colchester Borough Council’s Tree for Years Initiative 2011 in partnership with Office IS will be taking place on Saturday 22nd January.   The free trees will be given away to residents, schools, community and voluntary groups in the borough of Colchester.  

The event will take place at Rowan House car park off Sheepen road between 10am – 3pm.   The trees will be given away on a first come first serve basis.   Trees are to be planted on private ground only.   Post code and house number will be recorded to monitor distribution.   Please bring a carrier bag or black rubbish sack with you to put your free trees in.  

A maximum of three trees will be available to residents and up to twenty for organisations depending on resident demand.

The following species are available:
Raspberry canes
Blackcurrant canes
Pear communis – Pear
Corylus avellana – Hazel cob nut
Betula pendula – Silver Birch
Quercus robur – Oak
Acer campestre – Field Maple

Please contact   David Carter via  should you require further information.