Three years ago the  family of Colchester singer Anna Pancaldi started up a charity in memory of  her dear brother Joe.

The charity, called  History Maker Foundation  organise many events funrdraising  events  throughout the year and on Sunday 2nd October  the charity  is attempting to re-claim the Guinness Record for the world’s biggest piggy back race.

Taking place in Colchester’s Lower Castle Park  the  fun  community event  attracted  296 participants last yearwho raced over a 100m course to  claim  the record but were unfortunately beaten  to the record  in November 2010  by  Diesel UK Jeans.

So this year it’s all about beating last year’s efforts. 301 people would be enough but surely the wonderful people of Colchester can do a lot better than that?

The event is open for adults and children of all ages and registration is at 2.30pm for the race at 3.30pm. It costs a donation of   £2 to enter and all money raised    goes to the History Maker Foundation.

For more information on the charity,  visit to