Colchester’s first eco-friendly take-away opens its doors on St John’s Street tomorrow, Friday 23rd October at 8.30am

The Nourish Co will be serving delicious healthy breakfasts, lunchtime specials, and afternoon treats. The menu is 100% plant based with many gluten free and raw options.

April Moodie is the owner of the exciting new ethical venture. Inspired by the healthy eating culture of southern California, she wants to create an eating experience for people who care about what they are eating and where it comes from. She said: “Colchester is spoilt for choice with some fantastic vegan options but I have been keen to fill the gap for those who want a healthier option on the go, especially for breakfast

“We are the first real healthy foods cafe in town. Everything is homemade which means prices can be kept lower, making balanced eating more affordable. A lot of the menu will be made fresh and packaged up every morning, allowing you to grab and go when on the move.

April added, “Everything is made with the most nutritious ingredients possible. Much of the produce is sourced directly from small local and regional suppliers. Even the packaging is plant-based, made from renewable or recycled materials and 100% compostable; you can throw it away with your food waste.”

Fresh smoothies and juices, tea (in biodegradable bags), along with speciality tea such as matcha green tea and kombucha, espresso-based drinks with coffee sourced from a local speciality coffee roaster, and a seasonal filter coffee for people to taste different blends of coffee are also on the menu at Nourish Co.

Nourish Co is located at 36 St John’s Street in Colchester with a view directly into Music Warehouse, the successful family-run independent guitar shop which April also manages. You’ll be able to pop in for takeaway treats or take in the vibe in the café’s small seating area and listen to the music coming from Music Warehouse

The Nourish Co promises “nourishing nutritious nosh”. Opening hours Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4pm and Saturdays 9am to 4pm.

Look out for special flyers offering a free coffee or 20% off your first visit until 30 November, and in the meantime give The Nourish Co a like on Facebook.

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