picture from www.jjdoyle.com

Last year The Creative Coop launched The Hidden Kiosk project, allowing Colchester residents to open temporary pop-up shops within Colchester Bus Station.

The initiative, run in conjunction with Colchester Borough Council, began in December and the latest shop to open in the Kiosks which used to serve the bus station, is p.s…its vegan! who will be serving cakes and cookies that they hope will help banish the myth that vegan food means depriving yourself of tasty treats.

Jennifer Lawrence set up p.s…its vegan! to share her vegan baking with a wider audience and has been providing cakes to order ever since. The Hidden Kiosk will extend the businesses reach even further and raise the opportunity to answer any questions about vegan food and why people choose to go vegan.

Jennifer has always enjoyed making cakes ever since she used to bake with her mother as a child.   “When I went vegan I started to bake even more, primarily because you can’t just go into the shops and pick up a vegan cake.   I was pleased to discover that many vegan recipes turned out more successfully than those made with eggs and milk.” Jennifer said.

“My cakes are a good way to introduce people to vegan food; everyone loves cake and eating mine helps banish any preconceptions that people often have that vegan food is bland and boring. People are often shocked that vegan food could be so nice.”

Jennifer added “It means so much to have been selected to run one of the Hidden Kiosks. I feel really excited about the project and I intend to make the most of the opportunity that I have been given. It is my long term dream that in the future I could run my own vegan cafe, not only selling cakes but also providing vegan lite bites and lunches, so let’s see how this goes.”

p.s…its vegan! opened its doors in The Hidden Kiosks on Wednesday 23rd February and will be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays until 19th March.