On 1st December 1 2015, after his friend Nick Alexander was killed at the Bataclan concert hall on 13th November, Tom Donovan of Tom Donovan Studios in Rowhedge formed Paix, a project that opened up his recording studio for free, for local bands who wanted to respond to Eagles Of Death Metal’s call to cover their song ‘I Love You All The Time’.

In just one month, the studio has recorded 24 covers of ‘I Love You All The Time’ with all proceeds going to Play it Forward campaign and the Sweet Stuff Foundation – a US music organisation raising donations for victims of the Paris attacks and Nick Alexander’s family.

The Paix Project has been a real community effort, with friends Broa Sams, Claire Sams and Jamie Weston also agreeing to help to create music videos for tracks recorded in the studio.

To round the project off, Tom Donovan is now calling for local artists and designers to create cover artwork for each of the tracks.

Tom explains “all the tracks are complete, and we now have a label and distributor for them and they will be uploaded online to platforms such as Spotify and iTunes who are onboard with the campaign to raise money for the designated charities.

There are 17 tracks that currently don’t have cover artwork – including recordings for Monster Florence, Loose Joints, Hoof! and Animal Noise. In the spirit of the project so far, we are calling on the local creative community to get involved and donate some time.”

Volunteering your services is really simple. Although, as with the rest of the project, the deadline is tight, very tight… 48 hours turnaround, in fact.

Want to help? Here’s what’s required….
1. To offer to donate your time email thomasjamesdonovan@icloud.com.
2. Chosen designers will designated one track at random from the list.
3. You’ll be sent some information about the band and where possible links to the recording.
4. You will be with given 48 hours to respond.
5. Your artwork will need to include the official Paix logo, Album Title, Band Name and credits for project partners involved (all logo files will be provided)
6. Artwork should be provided at 3000 x 3000 pixels and in full colour.
7. Please send artwork as a PNG or JPEG
8. All contributors will be credit on or directly next to artwork wherever possible.

Image: Example artwork from Ghost Of Men Cover of I Love You All the Time. Produced by Adam Merchant at Cram Duplication.

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