There’s a great  project going on with some of the electronic music producers in colchester who have been putting together a free digital compilation called E.M.P.O.C (Electronic Music Producers Of Colchester) to showcase the underground talent that we have in the town.


1. drab|one – Tell You
(written and produced by Tom Hardy)

2. My Pal – Aeons
(written and produced by Scott Millar)

3. Irrelevant – Matters
(written and produced by Irrelevant)

4. Graeme Hales – 60 Miles From Home
(written and produced by Graeme Hale)

5. C-Soul – Same Ole Shit
(written and produced by Greg Blackman, Orlando Perez & Nathan Wacey)

6. GrumB – Losely Does It
(written and produced by Matthew Coy)

7. Cabin – Who’s Afraid Of Barnett Newman
(written and produced by Ed Lugg)

8. The Fez! vs Lazer Vision – Slopes Of Lexden
(written and produced by Sam May & Lazer Vision)

9. Orlando Perez Feat. Sarah Winton – Bio Samba
(written and produced by Orlando Perez vocals by Sarah Winton)

10. Wom – Pure
(written and produced by Thomas Hart)

11. Louis Napoletani – Fallen
(written and produced by Louis Napoletani)

12. Jodeum – Hive
(written and produced by Joe Barningham)

13. Roachie – Listen Up
(written and produced by Stuart McClung)

14. Mathew James – Snow Leopards
(written and produced by James Mills)

The  collaborative compilation from some of Colchesters’ talented pool of underground electronic artists is available to download from Monday  29th August 2011 at