Sometimes I Leave at Colchester Arts Centre

Wed, November 27, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Vijay Patel presents Sometimes I Leave at Colchester Arts Centre.

‘An ode to brains that have been stigmatised in society’

Sometimes I Leave is a new show by Vijay Patel, which takes you on a neurodivergent journey through the process of needing to leave situations. It is fuelled by anxiety, the violence of ‘curing’ (through experimental treatment) and our differently wired brains.

Vijay exploits his almost 20-year experience with Asperger’s syndrome since diagnosis. Through performance art, video and theatre, he repeats and reclaims his own lived experiences. This is a show that smashes the stigma against ‘othered’ brains, that imagines existing in a world that, as opposed to discriminating against unique ways of thinking, celebrates and cares for them.

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Audience responses so far:

“Sometimes I Leave by @vpateltheatre
was an incredible piece of theatre exploring #aspergers. It is truly an ode to brains that think differently.” – Esohe Uwadiae

“Sometimes I leave by @vpateltheatre
took me on a neurodivergent journey with skipping ropes, marigolds and experimental cures. Nothing to cure – ‘treatment’ is kindness🙌🏼 Word✌🏼#celebrateuniqueminds go see!” – Abigail Conway

“Sometimes I Leave, @vpateltheatre’s playful, inventive and absorbing show about life with Asperger’s syndrome, is a brilliant exploration of brains that think differently.” – Inky Cloak

Colchester Arts Centre
Church Street - Colchester