The Lamplight Club at Coda, plus esteemed support

Sat, May 18, 2019 @ 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm

The Lamplight club are proud to present a most talented lineup for this one, including the sublime and beautiful When Rivers Meet and a redux lineup of Fishclaw. The venue is Coda, a recent addition to Colchester High Street with good sound, stage, space and drinking. Nowt not to like, really


“The Lamplight Club – borne out of a world that existed in the mind of Toby Watson and brought to life by other likeminded musicians picked up on darkened street corners and subversive establishments regularly frequented in Colchester.
The Lamplight Club are a 6 piece act – serene, melancholic and damn right raucous.”


““..the performances are exemplary, the sound is magnificent, the songs are gorgeous, and I am insanely jealous—this is really wonderful. I love the drama. I love everything.” – Chris Kimsey, Rolling Stones Record Producer”


“The brightest of folk with excellent musicianship… Fishclaw are wonderfully experimental and hypnotic, evoking wild and elemental energies.”- Squeeze Box Folk, Leigh-on-Sea

Coda Colchester
63 High street - Colchester