Taking place in Colchester’s disused Queen St Bus Depot (and featuring a historic Routemaster bus), experimental art-rock collective The Neutrinos and visual artist Sal Pittman will assemble a site-specific montage of light, sound and space in which the working history of the building is unearthed. The show, KlangHaus, will be performed two times daily from Friday 23rd – 25th September.

KlangHaus originally crept out of nowhere to become an award winning sensation at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It was created anew for a 41 show sell out run in July at London’s Royal Festival Hall as KlangHaus:On Air and now regenerates as KlangHaus:Alight Here. Harvesting unheard sounds, unseen images and unknown atmospherics from the walls of the depot also the site of Colchester Theatre Royal which attracted performers like Lilly Langtree, Charles Dickens and Oscar Wilde, to unravel a secret world of sound and vision.

This promises a true crossover experience, equally attractive to music and theatre critics, introducing theatre to rock n’ roll audiences and vice-versa as the drama of the promenade performance erupts into the dynamics of a full on loud rock show and embraces the subtleties of intimate acoustic settings.

‘the walls of the space and the music . . . are genuinely in dialogue with each other’ ★★★★ Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

a blast of aural and visual magic . . . a joy-inducing original’ ★★★★★ Donald Hutera, The Times

‘One show that truly delivers the shock of the new, the most innovative presentation of live music I’ve ever seen – a total game-changer’ Alex Needham, The Guardian

‘Breathes a lungful of fresh air into gig-going and theatre alike’ ★★★★ Maxie Szalwinska, Sunday Times

‘Throbbing art-punk noise and sexy urgent energy’ Time Out New York

KlangHaus originally grew out of the band’s experiences recording their third album The Butcher of Common Sense, working together with Pittman in Berlin’s legendary FunkHaus, a vast former DDR radio studio. The sessions revolutionised their attitudes to making music and art. The result was a limited edition 340page hand-finished art-book containing the album on CD and a 10inch vinyl record.

The Neutrinos have spent the last 10 years in constant states of reinvention. They have released 3 albums, performed around the UK, northern Europe, Canada and the USA. Their music has been used for underground film soundtracks and throughout the feature length Channel 4 documentary The Trials of Amanda Knox.

Sal Pittman is an artist working with light, supergraphics, typography and montage in a seamless line between analogue and digital presentation. Visual representations of music, rich with tactile, off-kilter, unapologetic personality – Her art direction and design work can be seen on promos and short films for 4AD and mute, including Grinderman, Can, Scott Walker/Sunn O))) and Daughter.

Colchester Roman River Festival in conjunction with Colchester Arts Centre and Norwich Arts Centre presents KlangHaus:Alight Here.

Performances are at 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th September 2016. Book tickets here

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