Monday 14th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: Nancy Kerr and James Fagan
Pat Molloy’s – Ice Breaker Promotions: Stoney Road, Newtons Apple
The Bull – Jam Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman

Tuesday 15th February
Colchester Arts Centre -Devil Sold His Soul, Feed The Rhino, Vidina
The Bull – Candlelit Live Lounge: Gerry Mulligan
Tin Pan Alley – Jazz, Funk & Soul Night hosted by Gaby
Twisters – Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (60s and 70s)
University Of Essex (Level 2 & Mondo) – Vibez: 80s & 90s Special
V Bar – It’s Not For Chavs Tuesday

Wednesday 16th February
Pat Molloy’s – Black Cat Bone (Stripped)
Swinburne Hall (Colchester Institute): Allen-Pells Duo with the Watson-Hurley Jazz Duo
The Bull – Open Mic Night hosted by Theo Pearce
Tin Pan Alley – Folk & Acoustic Night hosted by Tom Hardy: Grahame Andrew & The Significant Others, Videotapes (acoustic)
The Twist – Run What Ya Brung Night featuring Mojo Rising

Thursday 17th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Simon Finn, The Raffles Gang, The Doomed Bird Of Providence
Silk Road – I-Student Reloaded: DJs N.O.D, Richie Don
The Bull (Main Bar) – Krushh
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Tom Catz
The Twist – Metal 2 The Masses: Zocalo, To Kill A Rose, Dismanibus, Entomb The Weak
Tin Pan Alley – Student Band Night: The Jorneta Stream, This Blank Page
Trotters Bar – Keep Colchester Cool presents Fick As Fieves
Twisters – Toss The Boss with DJ Sean Rigby
University Of Essex (Level 2 ) – ALT.
V Bar – Thursday Dropout: DJ Freddy

Friday 18th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Twisted (Under 18s Club Night)
Molly Malones – Earth Girls Are Easy
Roberts Live Lounge – Dizzi-Yak
Silk Road – SlavzIIhouse Silk Session broadcast on DJ Hutch and Darryl Wright (6pm)
Silk Road – FunkyFridaze – Prince AKA DJ Nod (Urban Vibes Funky House, Hip Hop, R&B)
Slack Space – Pianofriday (11am-6pm)
Stoke By Nayland Golf Club – Fleece Jazz: Moscow Drug Club Quintet
The Bull (Main Bar) – Live at 6.45: Groovetails (6.45pm)
The Bull (Main Bar) – Dirty Wafer
Tin Pan Alley – The Family Dickens, Big Mamma’s Door
Twisters – Dazed and Confused (The best of the 60s) DJ Sean Rigby
Vallies Lounge – Mashed Up Friday: DJ NickT   (Gay Night)
V Bar – Thank Freddy it’s Friday: DJ Freddy

Saturday 19th February
Fat Cat – Murphy’s Lore
Molly Malones – Cemetery Gates
Roberts Live Lounge – 60s and 70s Night: DJ Buzby
Silk Road – Volume: DJs Warren T, Mick B. Percussion by Mister Shed
Tin Pan Alley – Mezzotonic
The Bull (Main Bar) – East Of Java
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Essex Rocks: The Kuru Smile, Johnny Romance, Gulls, Drive Through Therapy
The Twist – The Jellycats, Fick As Fieves, Mackley Drive
Trotters Bar – Ghost Train Porters
Twisters – Transmission (Twisters’ pick of the 80s) – DJ Sean Rigby
University of Essex (Level 2) – International Night: DJs Carlos, Errikos
University Of Essex (SubZero) – Stanton Warriors
Vallies Lounge – DJ Steffy (Gay Night)
V Bar – School Disco Night: DJ Yoshi

Sunday 21st February
Silk Road – Sunday R.A.W (Dancehall, Reggae, Soca) DJs N.O.D, U.K.S
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: Colin Kingwell’s Jazz Bandits
Tin Pan Alley – Jam Night hosted by Richard Dobney (5pm)
Victoria Inn –   Mick Hutton (4pm)

Monday 14th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: Megson
The Bull – Jam Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman

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