Monday 31st January
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: The Churchfitters
The Bull – Jam Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman
University Of Essex (Level 2 & Mondo) – Sexy Penny’s presents The Granny Bash: DJ Beatman

Tuesday 1st February
Dirty Penguin – Metal vs Rock
The Beer House – Open Mic and Jam Night
The Bull – Tuesday Night Bandstand: Jo Murfin, Osmium Guillotine. Blue Bark, Holsten Cadavar
Tin Pan Alley – Jazz, Funk & Soul Night hosted by Gaby
Twisters – Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (60s and 70s)
University Of Essex (Level 2 & Mondo) – Vibez: DJ Seani B
V Bar – It’s Not For Chavs Tuesday: Shallow Waters, Friendship Moves

Wednesday 2nd February
Colchester Arts Centre – Taking Dawn, Day Of The Sirens, The Conflict Within
The Bull – Open Mic Night hosted by Theo Pearce
Tin Pan Alley – Folk & Acoustic Night hosted by Tom Hardy (The Medlars)

Thursday 3rd February
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Sixth Form Battle Of The Bands: Broken Heads, IntoTheNorthSea, The Great Excuse, Infuriate, Hyper Theory
Silk Road – I-Student Reloaded: DJs N.O.D, Richie Don
The Bull (Main Bar) –   Dicky Hart
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – The Jazz Project & Jazz Jam
The Twist – Add A Twist Of Metal: Sanctorum, Subversion, Thames Burial, Son Of The Morning
Tin Pan Alley – Student Band Night: The Overwrought, Stoney Road, Flares, Ed Pattle
Twisters – Toss The Boss with DJ Sean Rigby
University Of Essex (Level 2 ) – ALT. The Big Lick Takeover: DJ Griz
V Bar – Thursday Dropout: DJ Freddy

Friday 4th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Toxic Federation, As Worlds Collide, The Library Suits
Pat Molloy’s (new name for O’Neill’s) – Angel Fire
Roberts Live Lounge – Tall Order
Silk Road – SlavzIIhouse Silk Session broadcast on DJ Hutch and Darryl Wright (6pm)
Silk Road – FunkyFridaze – Prince AKA DJ Nod (Urban Vibes Funky House, Hip Hop, R&B)
Slack Space – Pianofriday (11am-6pm)
Slug & Lettuce – The Slug Sessions (Remixed and Refined): GrownSoul
Stoke By Nayland Golf Club – Fleece Jazz: Asaf Sirkis Trio
The Bull (Main Bar) – Matt White & The Emulsions
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Wolfpack
The Twist – Koopa, Fick As Fieves, Phantom Players
Tin Pan Alley – TBA
Twisters – Festival Headliners: DJ Anees
Vallies Lounge – Mashed Up Friday: DJ NickT   (Gay Night)
V Bar (downstairs) – Thank Freddy it’s Friday: DJ Freddy
V Bar (upstairs) – Mind Your Own Business: DJs Sam Leppard, Sean Rigby, Evie Wright

Saturday 5th February
Fat Cat – Ryan Galvin
Molly Malones – Harlot
Pat Molloy’s (new name for O’Neill’s) – Was 3000
Roberts Live Lounge – Saturday Soul: DJs Barry Stockwell, Nick Gunn
Silk Road – Volume: DJs Jackson James, Kristian K Brown, Warren T, Mick B. Percussion by Mister Shed
Sky Rooms – The Big Lick: DJs Hellyeah, Jon Morter, Griz
Slack Space – New Music in Quad (afternoon performance) 1pm
Slack Space – New Music in Quad (evening performance ) 7.30pm
Tin Pan Alley – Ellie Clare Band
The Bull (Main Bar) – The Outlaws
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Keep Colchester Cool: FuzzFace, Housework, Greg Blackman, GrownSoul
The Twist – Ozzie (Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath Tribute), Black Pearl, The Burning Crows
Twisters – Fell In Love With A Girl: DJ Evie Wright
University of Essex (Level 2) – International Night: DJs Carlos, Errikos
University Of Essex (SubZero) – Cream Tour 2011: DJ Gareth Wyn
Vallies Lounge – DJ Steffy (Gay Night)
V Bar – Movie Soundtrack Night: DJ Freddy

Sunday 6th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Jay Phelps Quintet
Silk Road – Sunday R.A.W (Dancehall, Reggae, Soca) DJs N.O.D, U.K.S
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: The Sussex Jazz Kings
Tin Pan Alley – Jam Night hosted by Richard Dobney (5pm)

Monday 7th February
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: John Kirkpatrick
Pat Molloy’s (new name for O’Neill’s) – Abusing Mary Jane, Never Ending Lights
The Bull – Jam Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman
Wivenhoe Black Buoy – Open Mic Night: Guest Showcase _drift

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