Monday 11th April
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: Dana and Sue Robinson
Pat Molloy’s – Red Fenetre, Richard Dobney Blues Band
The Bull – Jam Night hosted by Lee Carter
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman

Tuesday 12th April
Pat Molloy’s – Radio Play
The Bull – Ghost Train Porters
Twisters – Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (60s and 70s)
V Bar – It’s Not For Chavs Tuesdays: Hi Jack (Acoustic), Storm Child, DJ Yoshi

Wednesday 13th April
Pat Molloy’s – Steal
The Bull – Open Mic Night hosted by Theo Pearce
Tin Pan Alley – Folk & Acoustic Night hosted by Tom Hardy: Phil Lyons, Gwendal Moele, The Medlars
The Twist – For Everything A Reason, Shallow Waters, Goddam Kids
Twisters – Twisters Record Club: Nirvana – Nevermind. The Rolling Stones – Exile On Main Street

Thursday 14th April
Colchester Arts Centre – Rotten Sound, Trap Them, Gaza, The Kandidate, Haust
Silk Road – I-Student Reloaded: DJs N.O.D, Richie Don
The Bull (Main Bar) – Robbie & Lincoln
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Vixation, Fagins Den
The Twist – Aver, Silverstate, The Debut, Abusing Mary Jane *Gig Cancelled – To Be Rescheduled*
Tin Pan Alley – Student Band Night: We Are Embassy, Go Fly Win
Twisters – Toss The Boss with DJ Sean Rigby
V Bar – Thursday Thirst: Stoney Road, Meet Me At The Border, DJ Freddy

Friday 15th April
Colchester Arts Centre – Dele Sosimi & Orchestra
Headgate Theatre – Lady Bird and The Larks
Pat Molloy’s -Angel Fire
River Lodge – Happy Tissues, The Great Excuse
Roberts Live Lounge – Spooky
Silk Road – SlavzIIhouse Silk Session broadcast on DJ Hutch and Darryl Wright (6pm)
Silk Road – FunkyFridaze – Prince AKA DJ Nod (Urban Vibes Funky House, Hip Hop, R&B)
Slack Space – Pianofriday (11am-6pm)
Stoke By Nayland Golf Club – Fleece Jazz: The Minimum Trio
The Bull (Main Bar) – Red Fenetre (5.30pm)
The Bull (Main Bar) – Live at 6.45: Adrian Nation
The Bull (Main Bar) – Counterfeit Quo
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Hot Fat
The Twist – The Dead Lay Waiting, Confined Within, Foreign Bodies, Lychway
Tin Pan Alley – Barabbus, Lola And The Assassins
Twisters – Twisters Remixed: DJ Sam Leppard
Vallies Lounge – Mashed Up Friday: DJ Mark Jones (Gay Night)
V Bar – Thank Freddy it’s Friday: DJ Freddy
Victoria Inn – Jam Night hosted by Darrell Banjo

Saturday 16th April
Fat Cat – Acoustic Night
Headgate Theatre – AcoustiCity: Chris Difford, Steve Nieve
Pat Molloy’s – Storm
Roberts Live Lounge – 60s/70s Night: DJ Phil Terry
Silk Road – Volume: DJs Warren T, Mick B. Percussion by Mister Shed
Tin Pan Alley – Phillious Williams
The Bull (Main Bar) – Skandal
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Essex Rocks: Animal Noise, Jon Cook Blues Band, 33 Revolutions, Jorneta Stream
The Hole In The Wall – Cemetery Gates (Rock and Metal Night)
The Twist – Metal 2 The Masses: SeverThe Ghost, DarkEra, DepravedPlague, TheDivided
Trotters Bar -Hat Check Honeys, Happy Tissues, LemonParty
Twisters – Classic Saturday
University Of Essex – International Night
Vallies Lounge – DJ Steffy (Gay Night)
V Bar – The Party: DJ Yoshi

Sunday 17th April
Silk Road – Sunday R.A.W (Dancehall, Reggae, Soca) DJs N.O.D, U.K.S
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: John Maddock’s Jazzmen
Tin Pan Alley – Jam Night hosted by Richard Dobney (5pm)
Victoria Inn – Hat Check Honeys   (4pm)

Monday 18th April
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: Mike and Ali Vass
Pat Molloy’s – The Plantz
The Bull – Jam Night hosted by Lee Carter
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman

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