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Monday 17th May
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: Vin Garbutt
The Bull – Jam Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night

Tuesday 18th May
Colchester Arts Centre – The Battenberg Circus Music Festival: HAT, Restless Oblivion, ZanziBarbarians, Morphius, LSF
River Lodge – Open Mic Night
The Bull – Candlelit Live Lounge: Bo Gibson
University of Essex – UNITE: International Night
V Bar – One Stop Rock (It’s Not For Chavs): a night of Rock, Alternative, Metal

Wednesday 19th May
The Bull – Open Mic Night
Colchester Arts Centre – Eclecticity:   A.I, Perfect 3rd, Ritual Of Chud, The Dirt Quartet, The Poor Neighbours
The Twist – Plug & Play Showcase: Bands TBA

Thursday 20th May
Colchester Arts Centre – Adrian Edmonson & The Bad Shepherds, Ella Edmonson (GIG SOLD OUT)
The Bull (Main Bar) – The Weller Collective
The Bull (Music Room) – Vast Energy
Trotters Bar – Keep Colchester Cool presents The Jorneta Stream
Twisters – DJ Gilly and Toss The Boss!
University of Essex – Oscillate: Two rooms of alternative music
V Bar – Hard Rock Band Night: Riot:Noise, Shadowed Eden, Stratosfire

Friday 21st May
Colchester Arts Centre – Smudge, (((Oh Dear, The Hillmisters, The Hoons
Colchester Institute – The Institute: Elfred and the Uber Peas, Animal Noise, Broken Heads, Hyper Theory. DJs Wagner, Cowboy, Heartbreak
Lakeside Theatre – Festival Brasileiro: Forro Party with Zeu Azevedo Trio, Gladys Cavalcante, Kleber Saude
Layer Fox – Beer Festival Day 1 : Live Music TBA
O’Neills – AngelFire
Roberts Live Music Bar – Short People
Silk Road – Funky Fridays: UK Funky, RnB, Hip Hop, Bashment
The Bull (Main Bar) – Live @ 6.45: Vardo & The Boss (6.45pm)
The Bull (Main Bar) -Charlies Aunt
The Bull (The Music Room) – John Young Band
The Twist – Angry Vs The Bear, Angry Towns People, The Blackboard, Dan Warburton
The What? – Rubba.Dub (Dubstep, Jungle, D’n’B): DJs Joony, DJ Sicknote, GAZman, Nectar
Twisters – Live Music TBA
V Bar – New for Old Fridays: DJ Sam Leppard

Saturday 22nd May
Bar Ten – SkyLiveStream (Electro, Breaks, Dubstep, UK Garage): DJ Triple X & SkyLive DJs
Colchester Arts Centre – Abandon Ship 3 featuring Duracell, Disco Bitch, UM, Shitsock, Hissing At Swans, CATB
Karma Nightclub – Pulse (Tech & Dirty House): DJs Luke OC, Naughty North, Coley, Stray Grae
Lakeside Theatre – Festival Brasileiro: Adriano Adewale Responds (4.30pm), Adriano Adewale and Umpatacum (8.30pm)
Layer Fox – Beer Festival Day 2: Cushti
Marquis – Stone Shuffle Jones
Molly Malones – Riot at Cemetary Gates: Riot:Noise, Kuru Smile, DJ Sinister Minister, John ‘RATM’ Morter
O’Neills – Malfunction
Roberts Live Music Bar – Boogie Wonderland: DJ Phil Terry
Silk Road – I <3 House
The Bull (Main Bar) – East of Java
The Fat Cat – Jazmine Ava Band
The Station (Wivenhoe) – Bone Chain – Wivenhoe MayFair Fundraiser
The Twist – Die So Fluid, Black Sonic
Twisters – DJ Gilly
University of Essex (Level 2) – Festival Brasileiro: Afro Brazilian Club Night with The Shrine feat DJs Max Reinhardt, Rita Ray
University of Essex (Sub Zero) – Hybrid: DJs Golden Massey, Seffi B, Danny Reject, Kimpossible, Flawless Beats, Snatcha
V Bar –   DJ Sam Leppard

Sunday 23rd May
Colchester Arts Centre – Fuzzbox, The Low Go’s, DJ Gilly
Lakeside Theatre – Festival Brasileiro: The Youth Jazz Ensembles with Adriano Adewale (2pm)
Lakeside Theatre – Festival Brasileiro: Caratinga, Tania Lisboa Duo, Bosco De Oliveira (7.30pm)
Layer Fox – Beer Festival Day 3 : Live Music TBA
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: Brian White’s French Quarter All Stars
The Fat Cat – Ash Mandrake (4pm)

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Wivenhoe May Fair Line-up Announced

Culture Stir’s Magical Mystery Tour

Colchester Cycle Challenge takes place May 17th   – May 30th and encourages sustainable travel and will help create a healthy and active workforce in Colchester

Colchester in Bloom – please join the Facebook group and get involved in anyway you can

Can we reverse BBC’s decision to axe BBC 6 Music?
Attend The Protest this Saturday 22nd May
Join The Facebook Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=278123313911&ref=ts
Sign The Petition: http://www.petition.fm/petitions/6musicasiannet/1000/
And get campaigning!

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The Keep Colchester Cool guide is based on what I know of, or have been advised of. I’m not guaranteeing this is always accurate and without error so best check with the venue to make sure the event is taking place before you set off. Just in case…

The deadline for an event to be considered for inclusion is 9am Monday and Thursday.

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