If you’re interested in helping us organise Colchester Free Festival we’d love to see you at our next meeting on Tuesday 1st June at Slack Space (8pm)
If you’ve not made a donation (no matter how large or small) towards the festival, please do so. Every penny raised goes to the festival so please donate via the PayPal link at:


Monday 24th May
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: KAN featuring Brian Finnegan and Aidan O’Rourke
The Bull – Jam Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
The Twist – Angry Chicken Records presents… The Wonder Years, All Or Nothing, Who’s Driving? Bears Driving!, See You Around

Tuesday 25th May
Mojitos Bar – Flex Your Sets (Battle of the MICs and Decks)
River Lodge – Open Mic Night
The Bull – Candlelit Live Lounge:   The Meddlers & Rocking Gerry
University of Essex – UNITE
V Bar – One Stop Rock (It’s Not For Chavs): a night of Rock, Alternative, Metal

Wednesday 26th May
The Bull   – Open Mic Night
The Twist – Plug & Play Showcase: One Shot Betty, City Stereo, A World Apart, The Scarlet Echo, JB3

Thursday 27th May
Colchester Arts Centre – Klaxons (GIG SOLD OUT)
The Bull (Main Bar) – Junkyard Aliens
Twisters – DJ Gilly and Toss The Boss!
University of Essex – Oscillate: Two rooms of alternative music
V Bar – Mad Mix Thursday: DJ Chrissy Bleed
V Bar (Upstairs) – Dilute To Taste, Smackjoint, Blisted Pearl

Friday 28th May
Colchester Arts Centre – Surfquake, Vellocetta
Karma Nightclub – Mind Your Own Business: Indie Disco Classics – Past and Present with DJ Sam Leppard
O’ Neill’s – Live Music TBA
Qube – SHAFT: Soul Classics, Jazz, Funk, Weekender Anthems, RnB
Roberts Live Music Bar – Fat Old Dad
Roxi – Homegrown: DJs Kowboi, Meny, Cullen, Slade, Joony b2b Canty, Ev, Rich, Cosgrove, Noodle, Ginger James, Wagner
Silk Road – Funky Fridays: UK Funky, RnB, Hip Hop, Bashment
The Bull (Main Bar) – Back Seat Driver
The Bull (Main Bar) – Live @ 6.45: Greg Blackman (6.45pm)
The Bull (The Music Room) – The Friday Night Blues Jam
The Twist – To Kill A Rose, Bad Sign, Mordecai
The What? – Turntable Cuttaz & EMS
Twisters – Live Music; Ady Johnson, Will Morgan, Laura Wyatt, J.A.P
V Bar – New for Old Fridays: DJ Sam Leppard

Saturday 29th May
Bar Ten – SkyLiveStream (Electro, Breaks, Dubstep, UK Garage): DJ Triple X & SkyLive DJs
Colchester Hythe, King Edward Quay – Boat Trip on the barge ‘Fertile’ with Live Acoustic Music
Colchester Arts Centre – Criminal, Romeo Must Die, Sower
Lakeside Theatre – Get The Blessing (feat. Jim Barr and Clive Dreamer of Portishead)
Manyola Meze Bar – The Committed
Marquis – Backtracking
O’ Neill’s – Voodoo Child
Silk Road – I <3 House
The Bull (Main Bar) – Beagles
The Bull (The Music Room) – Howling Black Soul
The Fat Cat – Hat Check Honeys
The Twist – What Makes You So Beautiful, Mo House Dads House, Live Wires
The What? – DISCOTECH 3rd Birthday – Grumb, Irrelevant, Novello & Napoletani, Rob Perfect, My Pal, Cabin
Twisters – DJ Gilly
University of Essex (Sub Zero) – Innovation In The Sun: DJs Andy C & GQ, Phantasy, Swan-E, Doc P, Ellis Dee, Worzal, Quicklung, Seffi B + more
V Bar –   DJ Sam Leppard
William Loveless Hall (Wivenhoe) – Roots Radagon, DJs Liam Child, Charlie Hangdog (May Fair Charity Fundraiser)

Sunday 30th May
Minories – Sunday Service: Jazmine Ava, The Matchbox Jazz & Blues Band (1pm)
Mojito’s Wine Bar – The 633 & Collective
Roberts – Big Jeff’s Soul Night: DJs Barry Stockwell, Nick Gunn
Route (Room 2) – Sunday Smackdown 2: Dubstep v Drum and Bass – DJs Apex, Jamie G, Sicknote, Duracell, Gazman, Jocky
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: Peter Baker’s Hot Crusty Jazz
The Bull (Main Bar) – Stiff In The Morning, Scooby
The Bull (The Music Room) – Tequila Girls
The Fat Cat – Ragged String Band
The What? – ‘We Got Next’: DJs A.Gee, The Bounce Bros
Twisters – Funk & Soul Night: DJ Gilly

Monday 31st May
Marquis – Greg Blackman, Current, Fagan
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
Wivenhoe May Fair 2010: Fooled by Chance, The Rascos, Surfquake, Absent Kid, Cav OK, Tequila Girls, Wivenhoe Folk Club, Lou Terry, Ragged String Band, Ladybird & The Larks, Ady Johnson, Murphy’s Lore

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On Wednesday 26th May, V Bar host the latest Bad Clowns Comedy Night

If you haven’t already signed up for the Colchester Workplace Cycle Challenge you can still do so. All cycling of over 10 minutes counts whether at home, for leisure, or to or at work and there are loads of fantastic prizes to be won.
Plus don’t miss out on a free Ciabatta and tea/coffee at the Love Bistro between 08:00 – 10:00 on Tuesday 25th May (TOMORROW), all you have to do is cycle to the café or come along and try out one of the bikes. Families welcome too.

Colchester in Bloom – please join the Facebook group and get involved in anyway you can

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