Monday 2nd May
Kings Arms – The Judith Charmers & Short People (1pm), Stone Shuffle Jones (6pm)
Metro Clothing (formerly Merc) – Launch Event: The 633 (1pm)
Pat Molloy’s – Radio Play
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman
University Of Essex   (Sub Zero) – Sexy Penny’s presents Geek or Chic – The Summer Session. DJ Beatman
Wivenhoe The Station – May Fair Fundraiser: Ady Johnson, The Medlars, drift_ + more TBA (2pm)
Wivenhoe Black Buoy – May Fair Fundraiser:   Open Mic Night (8pm)

Tuesday 3rd May
Pat Molloy’s – Richard Dobney’s Blues Band
Tin Pan Alley – Battle Of The Bands: Kamikaze Afterparty, Station, The Scarlet Echo, Fourth Street
Twisters – Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out (60s and 70s)
University Of Essex (Level 2) – Vibez: Urban/International Night
V Bar – It’s Not For Chavs Tuesday

Wednesday 4th May
Pat Molloy’s – TBA
Swinburne Hall – CMPA Chamber Choir
The Bull – Open Mic Night hosted by Theo Pearce
Tin Pan Alley – Folk & Acoustic Night hosted by Tom Hardy: Worn Down, Jake Murrells
The Twist – Showcase & Run What Ya Brung Night
Twisters – Twisters’ Record Club

Thursday 5th May
Dirty Penguin – Open Deck Night
Silk Road – I-Student Reloaded: DJs N.O.D, Richie Don
Slack Space – May Mini Fest
Swinburne Hall – Colchester Institute Student Solo Recitals
The Bull (Main Bar) – Dicky Hart
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – The Jazz Project & Jam
The Twist – Jody Has A Hitlist *Gig Cancelled*
Tin Pan Alley – Student Band Night: The Great Excuse, Sophie Ellie Cunningham, Lou Scott
TPs – Ice Breaker presents Penny Swift, Never Ending Lights, Alex Gordon
Twisters – Toss The Boss with DJ Sean Rigby
University Of Essex (Level 2) – Alt. vs The Sound Experiment
V Bar – Thursday Dropout: DJ Freddy

Friday 6th May
Curve Bar – Afro Dizzy Stack: DJs Zac Steele b2b Chris Xofurmik, Seffi B, Boony b2b Kant, Bonehead, Harmonize Soundz
Mersea Island Youth Camp – Cosmic Puffin IV
Pat Molloy’s – TBA
Roberts Live Lounge – Contraband
Silk Road – FunkyFridaze – Prince AKA DJ Nod (Urban Vibes Funky House, Hip Hop, R&B)
Slack Space – Pianofriday (11am-6pm)
Slack Space – May Mini Fest
Stoke By Nayland Golf Club – Fleece Jazz: Toni Kofi
The Arena – Jump Back Boogie (Retro Rock n Roll): The Keytones
The Bull (Main Bar) – Legion 7 & Stu E Skinner (5.30pm), ATwostick ‘Live @ 6.45’ (6.45pm)
The Bull (Main Bar) – Graffiti
The Twist – Panic Cell, For Everything A Reason, Raise These Cells, Circle The Sky, Infuriate
Tin Pan Alley – Housework, The Groovetails
Twisters – Thatcher’s England: Twisters re-run of the 80’s – DJ Sean Rigby
Vallies Lounge – Mashed Up Friday: DJ Mark Jones (Gay Night)
V Bar – Thank Freddy it’s Friday: DJ Freddy. Upstairs: Mind Your Own Business – DJs Sam Leppard, Alex Wastnidge
Victoria Inn – Darrell’s Jam Night

Saturday 7th May
Fat Cat – TBA
Mersea Island Youth Camp – Cosmic Puffin IV
Pat Molloy’s – TBA
Roberts Live Lounge – Retro Classics Night: 60s, Ska/Reggae, Northern Soul, Groovy Hammond, Mod, 90’s Indie, 77′ Punk – DJ Adi Clark
Silk Road – TBA
Sky Rooms – THE BIG LICK 3rd Birthday Party – DJs Griz, Rev (Metal/Rock/Alternative Club Night)
Slack Space – May Mini Fest
The Bull (Main Bar) – Squeal
The Bull (The Soundhouse) – Sons Of Boudicca
The Twist – Devilish Presley, Hollywood Doll, Trash Monroe
Trotters Bar – Cushti
Tin Pan Alley – The Neutronics, Dilute To Taste
Twisters – Classic Saturday
University Of Essex (Sub Zero) – Essex Jump Off: Scorcher, Wretch 32, Kat B
Vallies Lounge – Stiff In The Morning, DJ Steffy (Gay Night)
V Bar – The Party: DJ Yoshi

Sunday 8th May
Lion Walk Shopping Centre – SoUNDAY Shopping: Funky Voices, Lou Terry (1pm)
Mersea Island Youth Camp – Cosmic Puffin IV
Silk Road – Sunday R.A.W (Dancehall, Reggae, Soca) DJs N.O.D, U.K.S
Slack Space – Superstars Academy Rock and Pop Workshop for 6-16 year olds (3pm)
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: Ken Colyer Legacy New Orleans Jazz Band
Tin Pan Alley – Jam Night hosted by Richard Dobney (5pm)
Victoria Inn – Dave Norwood (4pm)

Monday 9th May
Colchester Arts Centre – Colchester Folk Club: Sid Kipper
Pat Molloy’s – TBA
The Bull – Jam Night hosted by Lee Carter
Tin Pan Alley – Piano Night hosted by Greg Blackman

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