This mailout lists all the Music Events taking place in Colchester this week but did you know the Keep Colchester Cool website also lists this week’s Arts Events as well as all the cool places to eat, drink and shop?

So far, our campaign to raise money for Colchester! (Colchester Free Festival 2010) has raised £1,065.51 – Many, many thanks to those who have donated.
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The next ‘Keep Colchester Cool presents’ night at Trotters Bar is this Thursday with Greg Blackman and his band. Come along, it’s free as well!


Monday 3rd May
Rose and Crown (Wivenhoe) – Open Mic Night
The Fat Cat – Open Mic Night
The Kings Arms – Radio Play, Stone Shuffle Jones (1pm)
The Marquis – 7th Step (2pm)
V Bar – May Day Mayhem: Rox&Sam, Meet Me At The Border, To Kill A Rose, The Jorneta Stream, Son Of The Morning, Before Silence Falls, For Everything A Reason, Unleash the Fury, Carved From Violence (2pm)

Tuesday 4th May
Colchester Arts Centre – King Blues
Dirty Penguin – Jam Session
River Lodge – Open Mic Night
The Bull – Candlelit Live Lounge: Mix N Match
The Purple Dog – Jam Night
University of Essex – UNITE :
V Bar – One Stop Rock (It’s Not For Chavs): a night of Rock, Alternative, Metal

Wednesday 5th May
The Bull   – Open Mic Night
The Twist – Plug & Play Showcase: Dickens, Empty Ecplised, Near Death Experiment
University of Essex – Open House: Ady Johnson, The Hurd, The Medlars, Ragged String Band (from 4pm)

Thursday 6th May
The Bull (Main Bar) – Papa Rocksy
The Bull (Music Room) – The Jazz Project & Jam
Trotters Bar – Keep Colchester Cool presents Greg Blackman
Twisters – DJ Gilly and Toss The Boss!
Slack Space Mini Festival – Day 1: Never Mind The Politics – This Is Crate Music (guest list only – please email for inclusion)
University of Essex – Oscillate: Two rooms of alternative music
V Bar – Mad Mix Thursday: DJ Chrissy Bleed

Friday 7th May
Curve Bar – House Project: DJs Dutchie, Andy Burr, Little Joe,
O’ Neill’s – Talent
Roberts Live Music Bar – FX
Silk Road – Funky Fridays: UK Funky, RnB, Hip Hop, Bashment
Slack Space Mini Festival – Day 2: An Evening with Jeff Scott   – Colchester Free Festival Fundraiser (guest list only – please email for inclusion)
The Bull (Main Bar) – Live @ 6.45:   Lady Bird & The Larks (6.45pm – 8pm)
The Bull (Main Bar) – Dirty Wafer
The Bull (The Music Room) – Surfquake
The Minories – May Love Jam: Matchbox Jazz & Blues Band
The Twist – The Kipling Conspiracy, Alex Body, The Peripheral
Twisters – Live Music TBA
V Bar – New for Old Fridays: DJ Sam Leppard

Saturday 8th May
Bar Ten – SkyLiveStream (Electro, Breaks, Dubstep, UK Garage): DJs PMK Sound, Triple X, Tiny, Gruesome Ollie
Headgate Theatre – Stephanie Curran and Friends featuring Vincent Lindsey-Clark
Karma Nightclub – Houseaholic:   DJs Twisty, Nj, Bones e boy, Miss Hazey
Molly Malones – Rock Night with Livewire
O’ Neill’s – Batman’s Cat
Roberts Live Music Bar – Retro Classics Night: 60s, Ska/Reggae, Northern Soul, Groovy Hammond, Mod, 90’s Indie, 77′ Punk – DJ Adi Clark
Silk Road – I <3 House
The Bull (Main Bar) – Skandal
The Bull (The Music Room) – Kevin Pearce
The Fat Cat – Ryan Galvin
Trotters Bar – Dilute To Taste, Toejam
Slack Space Mini Festival – Day 3: Fast Folk from The Meddlars (2pm)
Slack Space Mini Festival – Day 3: University of Essex Classical Music Society Evening (guest list only – please email for inclusion)
The Twist – Hazzard, Paper Cages
Twisters – DJ Gilly
V Bar –   DJ Sam Leppard

Sunday 9th May
Colchester Arts Centre – The Godfathers
Curve Bar – All Day Hip Hop Fundraiser (3pm)
Slack Space Mini Festival – Day 4: Artslink meeting featuring talk from artist Catherine Litton (guest list only – please email for inclusion)
Stanway Rovers FC – Colchester Jazz Club: New Orleans Heat
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It’s an Open House over at the University of Essex on Wednesday (5th May) with music from The Hurd, The Medlars, Ady Johnson and the Ragged String Band from 4pm
It’s a free event set up for the local community to visit the campus to find out more about the University.

DJ Jeff Scott (of the Freak Show) is holding a Colchester Free Festival fundraising event at Slack Space on Friday 7th May

Catch an exclusive screening of Gladiator on 13th May at Colchester Odeon for the Roman Circus Campaign

The 633 presents The Raging Bull on Friday May 14th with another top line-up

Colchester in Bloom – please join the Facebook group and get involved in anyway you can

Keep Colchester Cool now features on the ‘Sundays with Scott Clarke’ show on Red Radio show. Scott highlights the top 5 music events of the week, as recommended by Keep Colchester Cool, at 5pm every Sunday.

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The Keep Colchester Cool guide is based on what I know of, or have been advised of. I’m not guaranteeing this is always accurate and without error so best check with the venue to make sure the event is taking place before you set off. Just in case…

The deadline for an event to be considered for inclusion is 9am Monday and Thursday.

Always refer to Keep Colchester Cool news for daily updates and if anything is missing please let me know.


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