What’s on in Colchester as recommended by Keep Colchester Cool
Friday 10th February

Colchester Arts Centre –   Patrick Monahan: Hug Me I Feel Good [Comedy] 8pm
firstsite – Culpable Earth [Exhibition] 11am
firstsite – Equivalents [Exhibition] 11am
firstsite (University Space) – Southern Press: Prints from Brazil, Paraguay and Chile [Exhibition] 10am
Hollytrees Museum – Colchester 24 [Exhibition] 10am
Hollytrees Museum – Tick Tock Here Comes The Clocks [Exhibition] 10am
Lakeside Theatre – The Lowriders: Stripped Back And Raw [Music] 7.30pm
Minories Art Gallery – Abram Games: Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means [Exhibition] 10am
Minories Art Gallery – Peter Jones – Exploring Spode [Exhibition] 10am
Roberts Live Lounge – Elliot [Music] 9pm
Slack Space – Light and Dark [Exhibition] 11am
Slack Space – Primary 2 [Exhibition] 11am
Stoke By Nayland Golf Club – Fleece Jazz: Frank Harrison Trio [Music] 7.30pm
The Bull (Main Bar) – Jonas Graile [Music] 6.45pm
The Bull (Main Bar) –   The Most [Music] 9.45pm
The Judge and Jury + Tribal Underground – Skank Sabbath: Age of Aquarius with Def D Fires + Greg Blackman + DJ Desire + A Gee + Roachie + Rev Wright & Seeds + Stereofreakz [Music] 7pm
Tin Pan Alley –   [Music] 9pm
Twisters –   [Music] 8pm
University of Essex (Art Exchange) – Laure Prouvost: The Wanderer (Betty Drunk) [Exhibition] 12pm
University Of Essex (Sub Zero) – Flirt! [Music] 11pm
V Bar –   [Music] 8pm
Vallies Lounge – Gay Night with DJ Cheryl Taylor   [Music] 9pm