What’s on in Colchester as recommended by Keep Colchester Cool
Thursday 2nd February

firstsite (University Space) –  Southern Press: Prints from Brazil, Paraguay and Chile  [Exhibition]  10am
Hollytrees Museum –  Colchester 24  [Exhibition]  10am
Hollytrees Museum –  Tick Tock Here Comes The Clocks  [Exhibition]  10am
Lakeside Theatre –  Dianna’s Last / My Last  [Theatre]  7.30pm
Mercury Theatre –  Oklahoma!  [Theatre]  7.30pm
Minories Art Gallery –  Abram Games: Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means  [Exhibition]  10am
Minories Art Gallery –  Peter Jones – Exploring Spode  [Exhibition]  10am
Slack Space –  Light and Dark  [Exhibition]  11am
Slack Space –  Primary 2  [Exhibition]  11am
The Bull (Main Bar) –  Dicky Hart  [Music]  9.30pm
The Foresters Arms –  Open Mic / Jam Night  [Music]  8.30pm
The Judge and Jury –  Mid Week Heroes presents The Jorneta Stream + Dead End Liars + The Faceless Dolls  [Music]  8pm
Twisters –  Toss The Boss with DJ Sean Rigby  [Music]  8pm
University of Essex (Art Exchange) –  Laure Prouvost: The Wanderer (Betty Drunk)  [Exhibition]  12pm
University of Essex (Level 2/Mondo) –  Jager Nation  [Music]  11pm
V Bar –  Thursday Dropout  [Music]  9pm
Tin Pan Alley –  Vietnam Invades: Red Fenétre + Pictures of India  [Music]  9pm