Live music with a message @ The Arts Centre, 12th January, 7.30pm
The 1st of May Band/Banner Theatre will perfrom at the Colchester Arts Centre on 12th of January – 7.30pm. They have a show called “Fighting the cuts”. The publicity issued by Banner Theatre reads:
“The Con-Dem government have launched a major attack on Britain’s Welfare State, threatening the jobs and living standards of millions of working people. Whose crisis? They claim that the national deficit demands massive cuts in out public services. The truth is neo-liberal governments throughout the world created the crisis, allowing the global banking system to career out of control in its unfettered pursuit of profit.     Who will pay? Not the fat cats.. As usual, they expect ordinary working people to pay with the most savage cuts that this country has seen since the 1930s.   Our answer? Resistance!   Banner Theatre’s 1st of May Band is touring Fighting the Cuts!, a multimedia cabaret of songs, music, comedy and video. The Band delivers a punchy soundscape of reggae, rap, flamenco, folk and blues to lay bear the real story behind the crisis, and support the campaign to defend our welfare state.”
Each ticket is £10, but they are doing a pay what you can concession. The face value of each ticket goes to the Colchester Against the Cuts Campaign.

Pudding Club. T.B.C (Join the Colchester Pudding Club group on facebook for more info)
Louise Longshaw and I organised the first Colchester Pudding Club and it was brilliant fun but we felt we could do better with the Puddings, so we’re shaking it up and changing the format slightly and moving the venue .   PROBABLY in February, ALMOST DEFINITELY a Sunday, VERY LIKELY at Jardine.       Are you up for it?     We’re thinking of 13th February as a twisted valentine date and we’re thinking about ‘Afternoon Teatime’ rather than evening.   Thoughts?

Politicafe, Monday 24th Jan, 7.30pm *free event*
The 2nd POLTICAFE at Jardine Bistro in Wivenhoe.   Do something different for 2011.   It’s free to get in, free lecture, free coffee and free debate afterwards (for those brave enough!).   Numbers are limited so it’s R.S.V.P   to me or JARDINE   ‘Confused by the crisis?’   Keith Blackburn will be talking about the debt, deficit and double-dip recession of the globalized economy.

Book Club, Wednesday 26th Jan
At our last meeting we drew suggestions out of a hat and the book chosen for January is   The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.   Greeted with ooohs and ahs, groans and squeals in equal measure, it’s definiately not a book for everybody but should be enough to talk about.   We’re trying to encourage more men to come along to bookie, so I’m bringing a real, live one along myself.   Please feel free to do the same.     Please reserve your place by sending   a cheque for £12.50 to me at 46 Victoria Road, Colchester, CO3 3NU payable to SMITHS WINE BAR.   Cheques will be cashed nearer the January date (Wed, 26th January.   Meeting at 7.30, Eating at 8.30).       Nearer the time I will send food choices.

Nibbles & Drink on Arrival at Jardine, Monday 31st January
‘THE VIVID GAZE’. PV of Emma Cameron.     We may have an acoustic band that evening…I’ll keep you posted.   We welcome Emma Cameron’s work into Jardine (for January and February), with *free* nibbles and drink on arrival with an R.S.V.P

Jo Coldwell