The Keep Colchester Cool website  officially went live today.

In just 6 months Keep Colchester Cool has gone from a Facebook group with 80 members to what has become the definitive listing of all that’s cool in Colchester with over 2,000 members.

The reason Keep Colchester Cool works is down to the community of people who support and appreciate what our town offers.

In summary,
Promotes Colchester’s music and arts scene and all that’s cool in Colchester.
Supports venues that feature gigs, live music, specialist nights, specialist DJs, and the Arts.
Supports organisations, charities, restaurants, bars, pubs and shops that bring something unique to Colchester

The website will be as organic as the Facebook group is. If you know of any cool events, shops, charities, businesses, etc.   that are unique to Colchester and should be featured on the website then please let me know.