Pinjekan: Savinder Bual opens at The Minories on Saturday 17 July. Savinder Bual has created kinetic sculptures from wood, cotton, recycled carrier bags and other materials that move with the momentum of the viewer creating sound and motion. This work is inspired by a fan called a Pinjekan that Bual came across in the rice fields of Bali. These devices are traditionally used to scare off birds by using the power of the wind to create sound. The wind sets a stick in motion that bangs on an object and creates a drumming noise. The artist’s cinematic vision is something that runs through much of her work and these Pinjekan are a continuation of this motif. The sounds these devices make are the artist’s attempt to ‘…emulate the whirring sound of a film projector.’

Using techniques she learned from a Balinese kite maker, Bual has made a number of hand-held works that are powered by the momentum of the viewer walking. These kinetic sculptures invite the viewer to participate, and in doing so, reflect on the way that the environment and movement can animate seemingly inanimate materials such as wood, cotton and paper. As each work is moved forward a propeller turns animating an image of a wing, which flaps faster as the viewer picks up speed transporting them to the beginnings of flight and also the origins of the moving image. Bual has made a series of ten Pinjekan supported by a grant from the Arts Council England which she will show here at The Minories Galleries. The works will be displayed in the Garden Corridor, hung poised between the columns as if queuing for performance; waiting for their partner to join them and set them free.

Pinjekan runs from Saturday 17 July until Wednesday 16 September.

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