Cuckoo Farm Studios is pleased to present artworks from East Anglian artists as part of the annual exhibition Outside taking place in its grounds. Running from August 13th till September 11th, Outside 11 is executed as part of The Cross Mentoring Scheme bringing together two practitioners in the field of arts to collaborate in devising an exhibition.

Outside 11: Artist as Outsider aims to explore alterations in artistic practice as produced by migration, clash of traditions and cultural identities through an examination of East Anglia’s international artistic community. This endeavor is fulfilled by presenting new site-specific artworks from international artists residing locally, and existing pieces from East Anglian artists who have relocated abroad. There will also be a couple of artist-led outreach workshops with marginalised community groups including HMP Chelmsford.

Outside 11: Artist as Outsider was devised and curated by Lisa Temple-Cox, a tenant artist at Cuckoo Farm Studios, and Katia Denysova, an emerging curator from the Center for Curatorial Studies at the University of Essex. The team has succeeded in securing Grants for the Arts funding from Arts Council England.

About the artists:
Jeremy Blank: former resident of Colchester now living and working in Perth, Western Australia, will be sending and emailing text and images which will be printed out at Cuckoo Farm and put into bottles by the curators for display onsite. This work at a distance accompanies a poem written specially for the exhibition.

Farrago:a group of artists working collaboratively and exploring such areas as identity, social construction, language and ideology. Two of Farrago’s artists, Marina Velez and Russell Cuthbert, have merged their cultural backgrounds of origin to create ‘The White Hart’, a site-specific mixed media installation.

Patrick Loan: originally from Norwich but now living in Vienna, Austria, will be doing a football-based performance piece at Cuckoo Farm Studios the week before the show opens. While leaving traces of his work on the grounds and a video record in the windows, the artist himself will be physically outside the country when the exhibition begins.

NOMATTSLAND (aka Matt Bailey): born in colonial British Hong Kong by an English expatriate father and local Chinese mother explores the feeling of solitude, search for happiness and home within fantastical worlds as his protagonists interact with imaginary characters in a series of deceptively brightly coloured illustrations.

Mariya Ustymenko: born in Ukraine but now residing in St. Osyth, her artistic work, which started in the genre of insider-photography, has undergone major changes after the artist’s move to the English rural sea-side area. This relocation has prompted her to explore new media, and she is creating a new site-specific work for this exhibition.
Marina Velez: originally from Argentina and now working out of Wysing studios in the Cambridge countryside, her oeuvre revolves around themes of multiculturalism and family bonds explored through medium of photographic images. For this exhibition she explores social taboos inherent in her country of residence yet so different from those of her Latino home.

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