Skank Sabbath brings a line up of live Hip Hop and Dance acts to Colchester as well as a selection of DJs spinning, House, Bass, Liquid Funk and more.

Skank Sabbath: Age of Aquarius offers free entry to all Aquarians (proof of date of birth will be required). Admission is £2 (for two venues) otherwise. This will be Rev Will Wright’s 40th birthday, and he wants to make it a huge zodiacal bash and celebrate it with all Water Carriers!

Taking place on Friday 10th February, the evening will start at 8pm on with an array of live Hip Hop in the Judge and Jury and then move to a line up of local DJ talent in Tribal Underground.

Line up (more acts to be confirmed)

Def D Fires
North London’s finest Hip Hop act bring their outstanding live show to Colchester. DefDFires are the collective manifestation of a milk-depraved generation of misfits brought together through love and appreciation of music, and general sense of confusion towards the dysfunctional world around them.

Greg Blackman
One of the hardest working musicians in town will be setting light to Colchester with a set of his latest songs. Forget all you know about this behemoth of funk and soul, forget the keyboard and covers you have seen, Greg’s gonna set it on FIYAAAH!

DJ Desire
Colchester’s hidden secret is a DJ with a career stretching back to the golden age of Oscars Clacton pier. Desire will be serving up a selection of the finest Liquid Funk in his legendary flawless style. A rare late night treat at Tribal

A Gee
Hip Hop supremo will be owning the live stage of The Judge and Jury, bringing his incredible skills to spin a true selection of the elements

Soundcheck founder and local jungle terrorist will be playing a more laid back set for your ears

Rev Wright & Seeds
Batman and Robin to Jay & Silent Bob to John Belushi & Dan Ackroyd. Skank Sabbath will witness the formidable DJ & MC pairing of the Essex Magickian and Treacle Town Rogue smashing Tribal with ‘dirty badness’*
*known not to be removed by 99% of washing powders and religions

The talented DJ and producer will be bringing a tasty platter of tunes mixed to perfection.