Open Road who runs the SOS Bus have now set up a “Just Giving” page at: so if you wish to donate towards the SOS Bus or carry out any fundraising events then now is the time.

As summer fast approaches the SOS Bus will be taking part in many events across Colchester (including Colchester Free Festival on 27th August) so keep your eyes out for the bus and its team of volunteers.

The SOS Bus and its fantastic team were featured in a BBC3 documentary called “Police Academy UK” where 4 overseas officers came to the UK to learn about how the British Police work.

If you or anyone you know wants to volunteer on the SOS Bus then contact: or call 01206 369782   for more information.

The SOS Bus is always in the town centre outside the British Heart Foundation every Friday & Saturday from 8:30pm – 4am.


The SOS Bus Team