If you had the chance to open a shop for a weekend or a few months, what would you do in it?

Pile it high with cupcakes and serve them with tea? Paint it black and fill it with magic tricks? Or turn it into a mini art gallery with oodles of colourful canvases on the walls?

This week The Creative Coop have launched a new project called The Hidden Kiosk Project and it’s a public competition to help kick start  Colchester’s forthcoming cultural quarter.

Colchester Borough Council have granted  the Creative Coop  temporary ownership of the disused Kiosks, which used to serve the bus station and there’s  a  competition to win a chance to run your own pop up shop there, rent free for one weekend upto three months.

 There’s prize money and practical support for the winners too.

For further information visit the blog and download an application form http://www.hiddenkiosks.com