Welcome to the 5 minute interview, where Keep Colchester Cool’s Ben Howard chats with a guest about their offering to the town. The interviews take place when ever and where ever possible.

Today’s interview is with Lee Carter, bassist and the lord of the web.

Lee, so much to talk about in such a small amount of time but firstly, The Friday House of Blues is no more but Thursday Night Blues is alive and kicking. What’s the news there?

“Well, my own band, Holding Aces (https://www.facebook.com/holdingacesband/) have been getting busier and busier on Friday nights, to the point where I wouldn’t be able to give the evening my full attention.  So after a long chat with my house band wingman Jon Cook and Kelly at The Bull, we decided to move the night to a Thursday.  Plus we are the jam that returned from the cold as we will now be based in the Main Bar at The Bull, not the Soundhouse.”

Tell us about the history of the night.

“I took over the night (and the general jam) at short notice, about 10 years ago after the Dave Richards, the previous landlord, was left somewhat in the lurch.  Luckily Jon was available and up for it, and we managed to piece together a rough house band for the night.  Since then the house band has seen members come and go, before settling on it’s current incarnation of Jon Cook, Damien Brine, James Diggings, Gareth George and me.  With Gareth off to pastures new, we’ve decided not to replace him permanently, but to have guest guitarists join us every month (if you’re interested let us know on the facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheFHBTheBull/).”

What can musicians and punters expect when coming along to the Thursday Night Of Blues?

“An evening of the finest bluesy noodlings this side of the river Colne.  We have ‘The List’, so if you’re coming down to play just add your name to ‘The List’ and before you know if you’ll be up and playing.  We provide a full backline so bring your instrument of choice (sticks if you’re a drummer) and join the jam.  Otherwise, enjoy the atmosphere and a libation of your choosing.  We’re a friendly bunch, so if you haven’t been to a jam before don’t be afraid.  Everyone is welcome to come and have a go, after all, playing at jams is how many of us learned to play in the first place.”

And when’s the next one?

“This Thursday, 22nd February, for which we have a special treat. Joel Fisk of Lavendore Rogue (recently returned from playing in Memphis) will be joining the house band for the evening.  If you haven’t seen Joel play before, I can heartily recommend him, a fine guitarist.  Then we will return every last Thursday of every month to the main bar at The Bull. Keep an eye on our facebook page for all the up to date news.

Also, the relaunch of Keep Colchester Cool is down to you, sir. In addition to being a talented musician, you’re also a talented webmaster. I shouted in your direction because I knew you’d understand my requirements in making the site easier to update and manage. In summary, your skills have made all the difference and it’s something I’m massively thankful for. How’s it been, being involved this project?

“Any project has got to be fun and challenging, this was a both.  I always subscribed to the ethos of KCC and remember when you first had the idea, and how we took that ethos into Colchester Free Festival (whatever happened to that?) and beyond. So I was a tiny bit proud when you asked me to take a look at reviving it.  My aim was/is to make Keep Colchester Cool the first place Colchestarians look to see whats coming up in our town, while you provide the up to date news and views.  I think we are getting there, and of course, if anyone has any ideas on how we can make the site better/easier to use then please let us know.”

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