The Waiting Room will have been running for 2 years this August. During this time Marc De’ath and his team have been fleet of foot, adapted and prototyped several enterprise models as they attempt to secure their long term financial sustainability.

In addition to revenue, they know that integral to our sustainability is attracting the right people to join their team.

They need to keep overheads low so they can continue to provide a space where local talent can develop and shine, while taking creative risks on new and cutting-edge ideas.

As the project grows so does their need for people in their team. As a result The Waiting Room are recruiting for new team members.

The venue is not run in the usual way, their aim is to have fun and work in a cooperative fashion to improve their home town. The team shares the responsibility and do the same with any rewards – which come in all shapes and sizes.

All of the roles are designed to be flexible and fit around every day commitments like friends, family and full time jobs. They are also a great way to contribute to positive change in your community.

Interested in joining The Waiting Room? Email something about you to

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