Colchester Arts Centre host another club night on Friday 25th February and this one has  all the joy of an authentically cheesy wedding disco, without those tiresome family hassles.

BAD WEDDING DISCO – imagine every family wedding disco rolled into one… No tune too shameful to be played on this evening of cheer and no drunken aunties to steal your beer!

Let yourself go to a bonanza selection of classic pop from the eighties to the noughties, played by a REAL wedding DJ (previous clients include Peter from Coronation Street, Katie Price & Peter Andre and Mr & Mrs Silvio Berlusconi*). Cheese footballs and cheddar and pineapple on a stick for all.   Includes obligatory slow number by Spandau Ballet at the end.

Admission is £5 and the night runs until midnight.

*The DJ’s previous client list is completely untrue. Or so we’re told.