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Matthew Hopkins The WitchFinder General Interactive Ghost Walks with Haunting Nights

February 23, 2024

Matthew Hopkins The Witch Finder General Interactive Ghost Walks Manningtree Essex

Join Haunting Nights as we visit The Most Infamous Witch Trails in Great British History

It has been reported many times that the ghost of Matthew Hopkins, the self-proclaimed Witchfinder General, can been seen, especially on nights of a full moon, still in 17th century clothing close to Mistley ‘ducking’ Pond and the nearby ‘hopping’ bridge not far from St. Marys Church, Mistley, Essex.

Other reports claim that the ghost of his first victim, the elderley and crippled Elizabeth Clarke who was his neighbour, also appears on the shores of a local mudflats area called Seafield Bay.

The most prolific witch hunting was carried out between 1644 and 1647 when he caused the deaths of about 300 women after he had devised a cruel method to discover what he called the ‘truth’. It was called ‘Swimming’. This involved a suspect’s limbs being tied together before being lowered into water by ropes.

The Witchfinder General’s reign of terror came to an end in 1647 when ill-health forced him to ‘retire’.

Matthew Hopkins and John Stearne practised their evil trade over much of East Anglia and there have been many reported ghostly sightings of them and some of their unfortunate victims particularly in and around Mistley and Manningtree in Essex.

During the walk you may get the opportunity to use various methods of ghost hunting to include Victorian seances, Ouija boards, table tipping and glass moving as well as the more up to date methods. This is depended on weather and the paranormal activity of the location.

Interactive Ghost Walk are for the ages of 16 & over.

Please Note:

We will be driving in convoy from Mistley to an area of significance

This is a short drive so you will need your own transport as we are unable to provide this


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Fri, February 23
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


Mistley Towers
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