Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas are to be featured on a compilation album being released in New York. The collection is a tribute to the life of X Ray Spex Singer Polly Styrene who died in April after a long battle with cancer. Ben Wood and The Bad Ideas have recorded a version of the X Ray Spex song “Obsessed With You” which will feature alongside other bands renditions.

Lead singer Ben Wood of Colchester said “This is a great opportunity and a nice bite of the Big Apple for The Bad Ideas. We are really pleased to be one of only two bands from the UK featuring on the record, the rest are all American. It’s important to have our stamp as Poly Styrene and X Ray Spex were from London. We’re proud to be flying the Union Jack across the pond”.

The Essex based band are due to release the single on Itunes as well as other internet retailers on September 26th through Back2Forward Records. The band’s debut album is due for release later this year. The Xray Spex tribute album is due for internet and  physical release at Halloween and all proceeds will be going to a charity of Poly Styrene’s family’s choice.