Legendary UK graffiti writer Brave1 revisits Slack Space, Colchester and this time he will be painting the entire space.

The Brave1  is well known for his amazing characters but he is also highly skilled at painting letter based pieces too. On this visit he and a few close friends will showcase the impressive skills they have spent many years of hard work to develop.

The entire exhibition will be produce using only a spraycan (there won’t be any stencils), you will be amazed by the intricate detail and highly technical masterpieces.

Brave1  has worked on numerous projects for schools and communities through graffiti art workshops and community re-generation schemes. His work is always fresh and exciting and can be seen at http://www.braveone.co.uk

The exhibition runs at Slack Space from Friday 15th October to Saturday 6th November. Opening hours are Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 6pm.