There’s an artist who’s been making noise on the Colchester scene for a while and gaining lots of fans in the process. I caught up with Bridget. to discuss her debut EP and forthcoming tour.

Your debut EP ‘Damage Reversal’ is released today. Why did you choose that title?

The EP is the last of the first songs I have written. ‘Damage Reversal’ came to me very early on, as I was trying to come up with a title that reflected my artistic intentions behind the EP as a whole. These 5 tracks cover all of the things that change, damage, and heal us in life: love, loss, highs, lows, messy nights, and memories.

Your music has been likened to the spirit of grunge and punk rock, drawing comparisons to Amyl and The Sniffers, Hole, and Wolf Alice. How do these influences shape your creative process?

When I write, I don’t necessarily aim for a certain sound but more of a feeling. If I feel like my song is too ‘nice’ and happy, that’s when I begin to channel all of the powerful women I love in music. But, if I write a song I like that sonically is ‘nice’ and happy – I will play it. Again, all of these women just do what they want, and that’s what I idolise a lot. I write thinking about how I’ll perform this to get the feeling across; you can’t really stand still performing my tracks, just like those artists!

You play Coda on Friday 23rd February. What can the audience expect from your performance?

Sweat. Loud noises. (Bring your earplugs!) Headbanging. Jumping about. If you’re a fan of anything alternative, punk-driven or just fancy something new – be there. There may be some audience participation ‘tasks’ in the works… I won’t say much more than that… come down to Coda!

How did the collaboration for this show come about, and what drew you to these particular support acts?

Joining me on Friday at Coda are Chig and Written Off. I wanted the show to showcase a local act and an act that I just love. Written Off are full of grit and energy, they’ll be kicking things off. Chig I discovered via TikTok a couple of years ago? Maybe last year? Fronted by Orla and her haunting Deftones-esque vocals = YUM. Some might say it’s just a cheeky way to see/hear them perform live…yeah, it pretty much is that. Colchester needs to have new things!!!

Looking beyond the CODA show, what are your plans for the future? Are there more tour dates or new music in the pipeline?

So I have two more tour dates currently announced in my ‘Damage Reversal’ EP Tour, 1st March Leeds and 16th March London– both with very cool support acts, all female artists. Keep an eye on my socials for more dates! I am excited to get into 2024 and share more with everyone… There is new music in the pipeline!

If you’ve not seen Bridget. yet, you have a chance to see her play a rare unplugged show at HMV Colchester at 12:30pm this Saturday 17th February, and then there’s Coda Colchester (Free Entry), Leeds and London. You won’t regret it!