Local poet John f Connor shared this poem with me 6 years ago, I was reminded of this thanks to the Facebook memories app. It’s a snapshot of a time that many people remember well.

by John f Connor

Colchester in the 80s
Well that was the place to be
All young and having fun
Footloose and fancy free

Mods, Skinheads and Soul Boys
New Romantic, Punk and Ska
Everyone dressed in style
We know who we are

Cups, Colne Lodge, and Baynsay
The Ship, Castle, and more
Even get in The Affair
If they let you in the door

Big hair and padded shoulders
Doctor Martins and monkey boots
Boys wearing eyeliner
While wearing two tone suits

Embassy Suite, Windmill, or Brights
Woods Leisure centre, Choc and Gilly
Grab-a-granny on a Wednesday night 
Mod, or punk, or rockabilly

Gary Numan, and Adam Ant,
OMD, and Tears for Fears,
How i wish i could go back
And relive them happy years

Townhouse with DJ Busby
Downstairs in The Den
Started at seven o clock
Last bus home at ten.

© John f Connor 2012

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