Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing the first ever live performance of ‘Colchester Round’ a musical collaboration to celebrate the opening of firstsite in Colchester, Essex.

The project, organised for firstsite by artists and project organisers Grennan & Sperandio saw Colchester’s The Band of the Parachute Regiment, heavy metal band Sanctorum, medieval shawm band Colchester Waits, and world music community choir Quire perform a stunning combination of 14 songs in their own musical style, resulting in a new set of tracks or songs chosen and  passed to them by one of the other bands to cover.

‘Colchester Round’ brings to light the extraordinarily rich and diverse music scene in Colchester, with a project that makes unlikely bedfellows of musicians with strikingly different approaches to their art.

Simon Grennan describes the result: “Inspired by the most famous musical mash-up: Run DMC and Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’, with ‘Colchester Round’ we’ve produced a genre-jumping project on a grand scale. As soon as we are acclimatised to the musical world of one set of musicians, we are propelled into the world of another. We feel what is shared
and what is relative or distinct – and a musical portrait of Colchester emerges.”

We’ll be hearing more about ‘Colchester Round’ as the commemorative CD is made available, so if you missed the performance you’ll soon get a chance to hear this great piece of work in your own home.

Keep Colchester Cool