Here’s information on the   fundraiser for Japan taking place on Saturday 19 March 12pm – 12am  at Slack Space and at venues across the town.

Slack Space in Queen Street host 32 acts in 12 hours.    

Acoustic Stage  
12:00 Mark Brayley
12:45 The Medlars
13:30 The Four Blokes
14:15 Kiss the Mistress
15:00 Shambolic Charm
15:45 Connor Sturges
16:30 Francesca Jones
17:15 The Crumpet Girls
18:00 Layer Marney
18:45 Fred Slattern
19:30 Drift_
20:15 Greg Blackman
21:00 Videotapes
21:45 Aaron Hughes
22:30 Lulu Sapphire
23:15 Golden Jackals

Band Stage
12:15 Takuma
12:30 Ady Johnson
13:00 Fools Errand
13:45 Fourth Street
14:30 Few Against Many
16:00 The Great Excuse
16:45 The Wasted Youth
17:30 Worn Down
18:15 Red Fenetre
19:00 Japanese Act
19:45 Holsten Cadaver
20:30 TGC
21:15   Kamakaze Afterparty
22:00The Overwrought
22:45 Dingus Khan
23:30 Dickens Family

Compere 12pm – 6.30pm Ade Frost
Compere 6.30pm – 12am Hazel Humphries

Japanese students and residents of Colchester will be sharing elements of their culture including calligraphy, origami and song and speaking about the current situation in Japan.

There will be a massive raffle with over £300 of prizes donated by local businesses,  a huge cakes table filled with cakes baked and brought by the local community, along with Shiatsu massages.

In addition to the events in Slack Space:
There will be 50+ buskers and poets, breakdancers and body poppers around the town centre raising money for the appeal.

Lush in Sir Isaac’s Walk, Colchester will host a feast of live music all day, the line up includes

10.00 Richard Brazear
11.00 The Four Blokes
12.00 Nick Gustard
13.30 Graham Tidd
14.00 Jon Murfin
14.30 Elaine & Richard from Grasshopper
15.00 Kiss The Mistress
15.30 Paul Riley
16.00 The Medlars
16.30 To Be Confirmed

Collections to support the event will be made at Lush, the Soundhouse at The Bull  (Essex Rocks / Art Not Apathy), Twisters, and V Bar.

Slack Space Colchester have done the town proud with their efforts to get the Japan Fundraiser in place so quickly. Well done guys!

Colchester's Japan Fundraiser organised by Slack Space