One of those shows which has gotten more and more exciting as the lineup has been revealed, this Valentines Day show is one I’ve been hyped up about for ages. Usually I would have written a preview in Paper Champion but due to a conflicting issue (read: a floor caving in), I postponed February’s zine. Thankfully, Ben at Keep Colchester Cool has very kindly allowed me to write a bit about why I think this show is utterly unmissable.

First then, Black Peaks. They’ve been around a relatively short time in their current guise, previously performing under Shrine but, in that time, they’ve made waves across multiple scenes, dragging in fans of post-hardcore, math rock and more, frequently name dropped by artists and the music press alike. Personally, they came to my attention when I first heard Savior – I was enjoying it and then, two thirds of the way in, the finger picked solo kicked in. Now, I hate guitar solos as much as the next man but it was phenomenal and I knew to pay more attention. This isn’t their first outing at Colchester Arts Centre, last year they performed a great set supporting Arcane Roots, a band they’ve received many comparisons too, mostly thanks to the versatile vocals and riff-heavy performances.

The tour support comes from the absolutely insane The Physics House Band, who sound like an instrumental Mars Volta (who, to be fair, would also sound great even without the vocals). On record they sound fantastic but live they’re on another level, their progressive tracks performed to perfection as the band themselves seemingly get soaked right into the music. Time signatures change at speed while they leave plenty of time for slightly-indulgent effect soaked jams, everything coming together to create something quite epic.

The task of opening the night falls to local black metalers Jøtnarr who are definitely worth getting down early for. They’ve been receiving a lot of positive press of late, Radio 1’s Rock Show sharing their appreciation of the band after a London show late last year. If you, like myself, have previously dismissed black metal (for whatever reason), I’d urge you to give Jøtnarr a listen – while it’s certainly fast and energetic there’s plenty of interesting elements in the bag too.

Tickets £10, available from Colchester Arts Centre.

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