Good Friday, March 29th, promises to be a top night with the 7-piece band KEG headlining Three Wise Monkeys in Colchester. They’ll be supported by Brixton’s Alien Chicks and Colchester’s Greebo and Generation Feral.

Erupting from a frenzied passion for the ‘song’, KEG toe a fine line between the angular throb of contemporary post-rock sensibilities and a timeless necessity for harmony and meticulous songwriting. You can hear this push-pull woven into each of their compositions.

What you may not hear upon first listen is the achingly personal nature of their lyrics as well as the myriad influences injected into it by its instrumentalists, all of whom come from varied musical backgrounds.

Armed with a new-found wealth of influence and experience, these seven people – with a thirst for musical liberation – set forth on a new pilgrimage to the battered ruins of Golgotha. Having released their debut EP,’ Assembly, ‘Keg have toured the UK extensively, bringing their enthralling live show to the masses and sharing stages with the likes of Squid, PVA, and Charles Hayward.

“Musically, they’re all yelping, loose-limbed indie-art-punk fun.” – DIY.

If you saw KEG at TWM the last time they played Colchester in 2022, you’ll know this is a gig you cannot miss.

Tickets are available for this co-promoted The Big C and TWM live event.