Love Love is back in Colchester for the first time in 3 years showcasing some “bloody odd party music”. Powered by the mighty EMS soundsystem, Love Love presents ‘A Psychonautical Discordian Extravaganza’ at Slack Space on Friday 4th June .

The night will include performances from:

The Abominable Mr. Tinkler
Colchesters favourite plunderphonics mentallist Pete Raven returns to slackspace to tinkle you pink, his sound has been described as a badly tuned french radio station, or simply the product of just too much coffee.

The Fez!
A spaced out party mashup dj set from team Love Love’s Sam May, expect the unexpected, complete with x-y-z FX and granular mixing.

Badsekta head honcho returns to Camulodunum for some hi-vis bang bang party schmarty inelligant dunce moozak, get yer’ wonk on!

Badsektas Cleggfu is a true acid mash master, who knows what he’ll give us, but rest assured, expect something terrifying and vomit inducing, you were warned…..

The Caulfield Beats
Laurence Northall takes us to his weird and wonderful world with his damn colourful smile-inducing take on blip blop electronica.

An Acid stained braindance super collider dj set from Love Love’s Keithy McGreen, loads of 303s, algorythmic breaks and mental noises made purely from code.

Dreadman vs. Bag10
local boys kick out some right smelly dubstep, wall to wall wobbles and skank out party tunes.

Drinks are completely free as long as you bring them yourself.

There will be limited free cds and general stuff.
We will also be filming parts of the night for an upcoming ‘mockumentary’ + moozik video.
Admission is Free and the event is strictly guest list only, email for inclusion.