Stuart RussellContemporary Classical Music dead and boring? Stuffy? Acoustic only? Elitist? Stuck in the past? Try vital new instrumental music which draws on the techniques of Electronic Music, the sounds of rock music used with classical instruments, post minimalist approaches, improvisiations…

Stuart Russell in association with Colchester New Music presents New Music Against The Grain at Slack Space Colchester on Saturday 3rd December.

Stuart will present a selection of acousmatic works in including pieces by Alan Parsons (director of Colchester New Music), Norah Lorway + more TBA

Stuart will also perform a short live electronic set, which will include an electronic realisation of “Straight Line Music” by Lauren Redhead.

Sam Grinsell will do a short set drawing on influences including Bach, Ornette Coleman and Bill Drummond (The17), Sam Grinsell combines artfully manipulated field-recordings with improvised slide guitar to create one-off soundscapes.

The headline act is Midnight Llama, a new experimental music band based in West Yorkshire. The brainchild of electric violinist Chrissie Caulfield and actress/percussionist Karen Kirkup, we specialise in doing stuff that other people often shy away from or think is too loud or weird for them.

“We will hit cheap fiddles with paintbrushes, we will put acoustic instruments through rock guitar pedals, we will involve the audience and we will put on a show instead of just sitting around staring at dots while playing. Actually, we might do all or none of these things at any particular gig – you’ll just have to come along and find out. Whatever we do, it should be interesting and/or/maybe fun … and possibly loud.”

The programme will also include pieces by Lauren Redhead and Chrissie Caulfield.

Entry is Free.