A firm favourite with audiences throughout East Anglia, Common Ground Theatre Company creates hilarious parodies infused with a musical score. It was a delight to kick off the new year of theatre with such enthusiasm!

A mad scientist, Lars Von Toozle, plans to create a new breed of superhumans using the DNA of long-ago frozen werewolves. Enter Miss Mimple, on sabbatical from intense baking competitions in her village and a writer of “third-rate” crime novels, to crack the case. Cut off by snowstorms and aided by the dashing Todd Queasy, yet thwarted by Von Toozel and Bob, can she solve the mystery?

All the tropes of a good old-fashioned horror film are present and parodied to the fullest. Director and composer Pat Whymark keeps the action tight, leaving no pun unturned! The cast excels in their roles. Marcus Churchill provides a solid centre as Todd, effortlessly delivering exposition and smoothly transitioning into the role of the Irishman Mick. Julian Harries shines in every role, from Von Toozle and Bubbles the Ice Wolf to the alluring Coco. Bewley Dean Stanton is a joy to watch. Emily Bennett stands out as Miss Mimple and delivers an impressive Ice Queen with a subtle accent. As talented musicians, they clearly enjoy themselves and collaborate seamlessly, making the experience enjoyable for the audience.

It’s a fantastic piece of family entertainment. While some jokes might push the envelope a bit, young audience members, much like in a pantomime, are unlikely to catch them (or shouldn’t!). The script is witty, and the plot is well-structured, offering the perfect antidote to winter blues. If you have the chance, catch them on tour; they come highly recommended, not only by me but also by the capacity audience at the Headgate Theatre!