Slack Space Colchester has announced full details of it’s June Mini Fest

Wednesday 2nd June 7pm
Fun introduction to drumming for beginners with Andy Franklin

The evening is a beginners guide to drumming and will last around two to three hours depending on how enthusiastic people are! It will be a chance for people who have always been interested in having a go at playing to find out what it is all about.

The evening is open to all age groups and no experience is needed. Andy will discuss and look at the playing of many styles from around the world and invite people to have a go at playing. Participants will be encouraged to understand the basic mechanics of drumming and that it is a fun, exciting and varied thing to do.

Thursday 3 June 7.30pm
Lewis Forde + Hoof + Out of No Where + Animal Noise
Compere and poetry: Mark Brayley.
Powered by EMS

Lewis Ford – spoken word
Hoof – Essex punk
Out of No Where – Colchester’s newest Indie band
Animal Noise – Folk rock. Flamenco guitar and baleric beats
Plus poetry and more from our very own Mark Brayley and guests

Friday 4 June 7.30pm
Love Love presents ‘A Psychonautical Discordian Extravaganza.’ Powered by EMS

Love Love is back in Colchester for the first time in 3 years bringing you 4 hours of deadly serious silly music including:

The Abominable Mr. Tinkler
The Fez!
The Caulfield Beats
Dreadman vs. Bag10

Saturday 5 June 3pm
Cover Stories Jazz band

Smooth and sexy afternoon jazz.

Saturday 5 June 7.30pm
Lee Ashcroft presents John Callaghan, Modal Roberts, Jim Tozzi and more.   Powered by EMS

Dead Air Live presents:

DAL01 An evening of music, comedy and live art including:
John Callaghan
Big in Albania
Kelvin and Crease
Modal Roberts
Rebecca Wigmore

Sunday 6 June 6.30pm
Artslink meeting

Artists networking meeting featuring presentation from artist Paula Vans

The next meeting of Artslink Colchester will be on Sunday 6th June at 6.30pm at Slack Space premises in Queen Street, Colchester. Please try to come along and, as always, bring whoever to wish. The meetings are proving to be popular, interesting and informative. As usual, nibbles will be provided but please bring a bottle of your choice.

This month Paula Vans, an up and coming and exciting young artist, will be giving a presentation on her work prior to her exhibition at the Digby Gallery starting 15th June until 5th July.

Thursday – Saturday evening events are guest list only. E mail for inclusion