Sons of JoyColchester-based band, Sons of Joy released its first ep ‘Sons of Joy’ at 11am this morning, 15 hours after meeting for their first rehearsal.

The group, consisting of Daniel Merrill (Flowers of Evil, Dead Rat Orchestra) and Matthew Simpkins (Rev Simpkins, FuzzFace), rehearsed from 8-9pm (following a light tea), recorded (on an iPhone) from 9-9.24pm, mastered the recordings by 9.54pm and completed the artwork by 10.30pm.   The 3 track ep was released to download this morning at 11am.

2 violins played through AA battery-powered Pignose amps combine with stomp drum and hollered vocals to create the Sons’ raucous take on guttural gospel and death-soaked blues.

The Sons of Joy EP is available for download now from The band has left it to fans to decide how much (or how little) to pay for their work.

The Sons of Joy perform at the Swinburne Hall Colchester at 7.30pm on Wednesday 24th November.


1.   We hereby reclaim folk music
2.   We reject the following technical constructs any form of pentatonic, blues scale or mode triadic harmony Å’correct ¹ tuning genres 12-bar blues or any other standardised form
3.   We deny absolutely the musical primacy of the rational or the technical over the spiritual or that which is of the soul
4.   We affirm the pre-eminence of bowed string instruments and revile the electrified guitar as the prime corruptor of music
5.   We deny that those things which are of the spirit can be made subject to copyright and ownership
6.   We reject the falsification of musical truths through multitracking or use of multiple microphones