Stitch and Bitch has been running in Colchester for over 4 years now. I’ve asked Amy and Meg from the group to tell us all about it.
Ben Howard

Our mate Alex started Stitch & Bitch in Summer 2011 because she was fed up of crafting at home on her own, she wanted an excuse to get her stitch on with people from her local community, to meet new like-minded people and exchange skills.

We have been attending Stitch & Bitch since that October, and took over as the co-ordinators from Alex when she moved away. We initially started going because we loved the informal nature of the sessions, and the opportunity to create something in a fun atmosphere where there was no pressure on how good the end product turned out.

It was a great kick start into getting crafty – the fact that one night a month was dedicated to making something – and we both turned up as absolute novices who could barely knit & were scared of sewing machines. Now we are the self titled ‘Queens of Craft’ (although Crochet still evades us!)

The core values of Stitch & Bitch remain the same as always. Each month, we invite a local textile artist to co-host a themed session, which can be anything from crochet to cross stitch, or weaving to onesie making.

We’ve made such a variety of things with friends new and old – from silly felt brooches to knitted hats for babies (We also created Colchester’s first Yarn Bomb!). People are also invited to bring along any current haberdashery projects to the sessions, to show off, get advice or just sit and work on them in company.

It’s great to have a laugh, have a beer, and learn new creative skills as you go – we meet monthly, on every second Thursday of the month at the Waiting room. Its open to everyone, ladies and gents, young or old.

And it doesn’t matter what your skill level is, there’s always a complete mix of people, from semi-pros to novices, and people dragged along by their mates who just come to bitch and don’t do any stitching!

There’s no membership fee – stitch and bitch is free and it always will be, and we supply basic materials, fabric & tools to get you started (although for some sessions we sometimes ask people to bring along certain materials depending on the theme).

We hope to see you soon.

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