I’m always on the look out for news coming out of Colchester’s creative community, and the news items keep on coming. I’ve been hearing good things about Teaboy Games so I invited Frazer to tell us more.

In late 2014 the Teaboy trio, Aidan, Frazer and Scott, met on Eastern Enterprise’s GamesHub scheme, a free course to help creative minds get into the games industry. The partnership scheme between East Enterprise Hub and Colchester Council, headed by Steven Huckle (Shark Infested Custard) is a free course to help creative individuals get into the games industry, regardless of their experience. For example, Frazer had never made a game before he joined. As a team of fresh faced graduates we grabbed this opportunity with both hands, hoping to absorb as much information as possible from their peers. Thats how we landed on the name Teaboy, that and our collective love of a good brew.

What brought us together was our passion for innovative and unique mobile games design. We like to focus on simple yet satisfying gameplay, and pride ourselves on making beautiful arcade-style games that appeal to all ages, regardless of gaming experience.

In just 10 months – having never met or worked together before – we’ve gone from concept right through to delivery, registering Teaboy Games Ltd in April and on August 27th launching our debut app, Fallen – The minimal reaction game.

Since releasing Fallen the response has been phenomenal, reviews from notable American sites like Mashable, international coverage across mainland Europe (google translate confirms they said nice things, honest) as well as TV coverage right here on BBC Look East. However, the pièce de résistance was being featured by Apple in ‘Best New Games’, in over 100 countries. In our first week we had 2.7k downloads, when we got featured by Apple this shot up to over 50k. The power of Apple was clear!

Fallen was always meant to be an experiment, a way for us to test the water and see what we’re capable of as a team who’d never worked together before, let alone made an app. So to hit half our year one downloads target in two weeks was flabbergasting to say the least! With Fallen we made a decision not to focus on making a quick buck, but learning about complex concepts like marketing a mobile game and making a great user experience. With this in mind we’re merely weeks away from launching the Android build of the game, and already itching to start on the next game too!

With Gameshub taking on more new applicants (apply here) and our very own Game Developer Meetup (learn more here) in October, its an exciting time for games developers in Colchester and we’re really excited to be a part of it!

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