Not only Animal Noise and Dingus Khan but Slugworth, Off The Wall, Alex Osiris, Dream McClean, Ordinary Noise, The King Is Blind, Hero and Leander, Pistols & Vultures and many more.  Other than being great acts, what they also have in common is that they’ve all recorded material in Tom Donovan Studio.

Some of these acts feature in a brand new video showcasing Tom Donovan’s work to date (see below) and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find out more about what his studio offers.

In the last month Tom Donovan has been working with five hip-hop artists, a thrash band, a prog-folk band and one of the best country rock bands he’s heard for years. And that’s only a sample of who he’s worked with recently at his recording studio and production suite located on the outskirts of Colchester.

Tom Donovan has over 14 years of experience producing and recording music admits he loves all music, and working as a producer taught him early on that the lessons learned from one genre always have crossover with other genres. For example, the subtle intricacies of a cello part share a lot of common ground with how he gets the best out of a brilliantly crafted guitar solo.

Getting the best out of a band is partially about finding space for each instrument in the overall sound, all build on a strong foundation. For all genres that means spending time getting the drum sound perfect. Whether he’s working with a grime act, a stoner rock band, death metal or blissfully sweet power pop then everything starts with getting a good drum sound.

Vocals are another good example of how his years recording every genre you can think of have taught him how to get the best out of singers’ performances. Tom’s not talking about the technical side of recording a good vocal take – he thinks talking too much tech when it comes to singing misses one of the most important facts about singing; it’s all about personality.

When Tom was a starting out in bands he doesn’t mind admitting that he was “shit-scared” by the idea of stepping foot in a recording studio. That’s why when he started his own studio it was important to me that nobody felt like a performing seal. You’re in his studio because you’re an artist, not a client.

Ultimately there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when it comes to recording your band. While Tom may have more experience working in some genres more than others he an insatiable thirst for working with musicians of all types and abilities. Tom Donovan loves the raw passion that pours out of a band recording for the first time, and he also loves hearing what brilliant new music bands he’s worked with for years conjure up.

Tom says, “I run this studio because I have to – how else would I get to hear so much brilliant music being created?”

Here’s the video

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