This week has been a game-changer for Colchester’s music scene, marking a time of huge success.

PET NEEDS has notched a resounding victory by securing the 17th spot on the Official UK album charts for “Intermittent Fast Living.”

In their bid for global acclaim, PET NEEDS strategically orchestrated a frontal assault on the UK Official Top 40 through their ‘Bottom of the Pops’ campaign. Spearheaded by the band, this campaign employed a remarkable strategy that resonated throughout Colchester and reverberated across the globe, ensuring Top 20 status was, in fact, achieved.

Simultaneously, The Meffs made a huge announcement this week, unveiling their biggest shows to date—supporting none other than the iconic Alice Cooper and Primal Scream on an upcoming arena tour this autumn.

The tour, kicking off in October at Glasgow’s OVO Arena, promises to captivate audiences in Birmingham, Manchester, and Leeds. The London shows will also feature the legendary Sex Pistols guitarist and songwriter Glen Matlock. The Meffs will be playing at all shows on this tour, and are guaranteed to gain even more fans with each performance. Tickets for the tour are on sale now.

What an extraordinary week for both PET NEEDS and The Meffs, and what a week for Colchester!